Monday Wedding

I was so impressed with this Monday wedding! I had not actually done a wedding on a “Monday” before but wow, way to go bride! She really pulled this thing together, she was so smart in the ways she used her budget, she got the most bang for her buck!

Of course I am bias towards photography, I feel personally that when budgeting for your wedding, a significant amount should be set aside for this, no matter whether your wedding is going to be extravagant or just a small celebration, photo’s are something you shouldn’t skimp on.

They last a lifetime, and forever will remind you of the day your lives where joined. It’s something that will rekindle spark, bring back funny memories, and something to share with generations to come. Okay that’s my spiel… but the reason I bring this up, is even this bride having a smaller wedding, was smart, she didn’t hire me for a “full” wedding day, but she hired me long enough to capture the Essence Of her wedding day, she made it a priority, and will have beautiful photos to treasurer for a lifetime because of it.

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