Busy Summer

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since I posted. It’s been one hectic summer for this mama of 4! Keeping 4 kids busy and entertained, and trying to run a household and business have proved to be quite challenging! But I enjoy a good challenge from time to time!

I’ve really been pushing myself to edit edit edit this week! And am getting more caught up everyday! So instead of trying to catch up and write a bunch of wonderful personal blogs, I am going to put up some images from the sessions I am working on, and I may revisit some of these in the future and give them a dedicated blog.

I also want to thank every client I have had, I really appreciate your support and belief in me! It has meant more to me then I could ever truly express and you have all been such a blessing!

Thank you wonder H Family! We survived the heat and manage to get some beautiful pictures, your family is just wonderful!!

This lovely toddler was a blast to photograph, so much personality and her family was very laid back! Thank you so much H family and toddler A!!

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