Goodbye 2015…. & a few of my favorite things- California Photographers Justin + Betsy Erickson

As 2015 winds down, and I sit on my couch drinking my yummy maple latte, and reflecting on this past year, one word comes to mind, Grateful. Justin and I have SO much to be grateful for. We’re grateful for our 4 beautiful children, all healthy and brimming with personality and life. We’re grateful for our home in Northern California, that’s full of peace, and the perfect retreat for our family (as much as a home can be a retreat with 4 kids). We’re grateful for this business, that started as a humble dream, and grew to an overwhelming passion. We’re grateful for our clients, you’ve gone out of your way to show us love and support, to send kind text messages, and to tell all your friends about us, and without YOU we wouldn’t be here. 

2016 preview

Every year we’re overwhelmed with the clients we encounter, and every year we think WOW that was an amazing year, how could we ever top that?! YET somehow every year, it happens, we meet new wonderful clients, catch up with old ones. This business, our life continues to grow in richness and joy. I don’t want to sit here and pretend it’s all easy all the time, in fact it’s often hard, owning a business will test your character. Choosing what’s right, not what’s easy, choosing to invest in something you never know if you’ll see a return in. But it’s one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve ever had. SO to celebrate the start of what we KNOW will be another incredible year, I’m listing a few of my favorite things (Betsy here). AND We’re going to be giving away a few as well. THANK YOU everyone who made this an incredible year, and THANK YOU everyone who will be a part of 2016 being an incredible year. HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you in 2016 your California Photographers Justin + Betsy Erickson.

1. Starbucks Coffee YUM (I’m not going to lie here, I bought an espresso machine a year ago and have had little need to make frequent runs to Starbucks, however in the realm of coffee they are still my favorite, and coffee in general just makes me happy! PLUS we use only Starbucks beans at home, in honor of my #1 I will be giving away 1- $10 Starbucks card.)

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2. Music, specifically Coldplay’s NEW ALBUM “Head Full Of Dreams” (If you haven’t heard it yet, your missing out, “Adventure of a Lifetime” is the perfect jam to get me through my long editing days while keeping me optimistic about the future. I’ll be giving away a $10 iTunes or Amazon card, your choice. To use on YOUR favorite music.)

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3. Photography (as if you didn’t know that would be on the list! We love photographing all the special chapters in your story, and this final giveaway will be for your choice of a family session or an engagement session valued at $350.)a Rafflecopter giveaway

A few of my favorite photos from 2015! 

Chico_California_Wedding_Engagement_Photography-2 San Francisco California Wedding Engagement Photographer Lands End Sutro Bath-18 San Francisco California Wedding Engagement Photographer Lands End Sutro Bath-22 Redding California Wedding Photography TBS Ranch Palo Cedro -30 Redding California Wedding Photography TBS Ranch Palo Cedro -25-2 Redding California Wedding Photography TBS Ranch Palo Cedro -11 Wedding_Photography_Napa_California-21 1 Napa_California_Wedding_Photography Bay_Area_Napa_California_Wedding_Photographer-40 Bay_Area_Napa_California_Wedding_Photographer-16 Bay_Area_Napa_California_Wedding_Photographer-13 Bay_Area_Napa_California_Wedding_Photographer-7 Napa_California_Wedding_Photography Redding_California_Wedding_Photography Redding_California_Wedding_Photography_2 Redding_CA_Wedding_Photographer_Essence-12 Redding_CA_Wedding_Photographer_Essence-62 Redding_CA_Wedding_Photographer_Essence-47 Redding_CA_Wedding_Photographer_Essence-29 Redding_CA_Wedding_Photographer_Essence-25

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  • Barbara StreetDecember 30, 2015 - 5:39 pm

    Thank you for sharing some of your favorite things with us. You and your family are among some of my favorite things. Our photo shoot was easy and laid back and the results are breathtaking! Love you guys!!ReplyCancel

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