May Wedding Bliss

I am so excited about sharing some images from the wedding I did just a couple of weeks ago! I just finished deleting all the none usable’s and ended up with over 1,300! WOWZERS! Just narrowing down the few I would share on today’s blog was difficult! They were such an amazing couple, with such beautiful family and friends, that all came together to make this fabulous day that much more fabulous!

Also, for those of you out there planning last minute weddings, this is a great example of it all pulling together, no matter what the obstacles. This wonderful couple was originally planning a wedding for september, and ending up having to move it to May, and move cities ect, so I believe they had about 7 weeks to pull it together, but WOW they did a wonderful job.
This was one of my favorite couples to work with, this bride was very organized, and also extremely kind and considerate, she pulled everything together, and still managed to enjoy herself (alot easier said then done) So good job bride! This couple has also been together for a while, and it was really beautiful to capture the love they had between the two of them!
The week leading up to this wedding the weather was showing rain 🙁 I prayed alot and I am sure many others did too, and it ended up being a beautiful day full of sunshine! I hope you enjoy all the images, and they give you a glimpse into the amazing wedding this turned out to be!

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