Heather + Elijah – Anderson, California Love Story

We had so much fun with this couple, every time we got together it was like we were hanging out with old friends. We knew their wedding was going to be an incredible celebration, because if we loved them as much as we did meeting them only a handful of times, I could only imagine how much love would surround them from the people who’ve known them for years. The energy of their wedding day was incredible.. fun, laid back, and joyful. It started out cool and sunny (which for Northern California in July, is a miracle) by the time they got to the I Do’s a thunderstorm broke out, it was so romantic, the were married under a giant oak tree, with thunder, and lighting. I honestly couldn’t imagine these two getting married any other way. Their love is EPIC and they needed and incredible backdrop for their ceremony, and that’s exactly what they got. Enjoy a glimpse into this beautiful Love Story….


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