~G I V E A W A Y ~ Mommy & Me {Mini Story} – Redding, CA Portrait Photographer

Mothers Day will be here soon {yippee} the day we Honor all the hard work that us Mama’s do! I was thinking about how I could honor other Mothers and really wanted to offer this Mini Session. My heart behind these Mini Sessions isn’t to just do another “updated” photo session of your kids, although of course we will be capturing those adorable little cuties. More then that though I really wanted to Capture the Story between Mothers and their children. Let’s face it, being a Mom is one of the hardest yet most rewarding “jobs” you’ll ever do, even while I attempt to write this blog kids are screaming in the background and my 3 yr. old is creating some kind of mayhem hitting everything in my house with a plastic hammer {who gave him that hammer anyway, worst toy idea ever!}. But while it’s chaotic and full of wild adventures, its truly the most beautiful thing I’ll ever do. And sometime’s I WISH I had the perspective in those moments, the ones were everythings falling apart,to stop, and to see the relationship, to be reminded of the the beauty of being a mom, and fully giving myself to my children. SO THIS MINI SESSION is meant to do JUST THAT! To capture the the beautiful relationship you have with you children, there may be meltdowns, there may be chaos, but the result will be beautiful! ALSO to express my APPRECIATION TO MOTHERS EVERYWHERE I’m going to be Giving AWAY {1} of these Mini Stories FOR FREE! I’d love to hear about why you believe You {or someone you love} Should WIN this {Mini Story}, so fill out the contact form below to enter!

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