Ali {Senior Story} – Redding, CA Senior Portrait Photographer

I was ecstatic to capture Ali’s Senior Story. I met her a couple of years earlier at the Stirring, a church located here in Redding, CA. Ali’s full of love and life, she’s so friendly and confident. When I captured her story I really got an opportunity to spend some time with her and really discover what a truly amazing person she is! She inspires me so much, as a talented photographer, a passionate lover of Jesus, and with her amazing attitude. Ali, you shine so bright everywhere you go, the way you sincerely love people, and go out of your way to connect with them is exactly what this world needs. Don’t ever stop following your heart and the heart of Jesus, you’re a world changer.  Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-2 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-3 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-4 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-5 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-6 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-7 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-8 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-9 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-10 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-11 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-12 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-13 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-14 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-15 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-16 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-17 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-18 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-19 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-20 Redding_California_Senior_Portrait_Photography-21 

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