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Happy Wedding Planning!  Since we started doing wedding photography in 2009 we’ve discovered so much about working with couples to plan their wedding photography! We want to share what we’ve learned in hopes it will make the process easier and more enjoyable for you. Wedding planning is a fun and exciting season, and we want the entire process to be something you look back on and cherish!


WHEN SHOULD I CHOOSE MY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER? | We recommend connecting with your potential photographers as soon as you have a solid wedding date. Even if you haven’t locked in your exact venue. Photographers should be high on your list of things to do. The earlier you choose your photographer the more options you’ll have, and the less stressful the process will be.

These are tips to make wedding planning fun and stress free. It doesn’t mean you won’t find an amazing photographer if you are only planning a few months in advance. However it may mean you have to search a bit harder. TRUST ME as a photographer I hate having to send out the dreaded “We’re unavailable on your date” message, so plan ahead and give yourself time to choose someone you LOVE!

When you do find the photographer you want, be ready to book. Photographers are booking up anywhere from 1-2 years in advance so be ready to lock them in and secure your date.




HOW DO I CHOOSE MY PHOTOGRAPHER? | CHOOSE SOMONE YOU LOVE. I can’t stress this enough. Look through their images, look on their social media accounts, are you in love with what they do? Are you able to see yourself in their photos? This is one half of what you should consider when choosing your photographer. LOVE their work. If you love their work with strangers as the subjects, chances are you’re going to fall in love with their work when it’s of you and your new husband.

Once you’ve established that your head over heels for their work, get to know them a bit. Research their company reviews, what have past clients said? Do your potential photographers talk about themselves on their website? Anything you can do to see if their personality is going to be a good fit. We recommend setting up a FaceTime, or phone conversations to insure your going to get along and be a good fit with your photographers personality.

If you think about it you’re essentially inviting a complete stranger to be with you for the most incredible day of your life. Not only will they be there, they’ll be hanging out with you as if they were a close friend… so wouldn’t it make sense if they truly did become a friend? Justin and I are very candid with our potential clients about our personality and our heart when it comes to serving our clients. Our business is built on relationships and we do everything we can to establish that relationship before your wedding.

In general we feel you should choose wedding vendors that are organized and easy going. You want them to add to the Joy of your day. Trust your vendors, and choose ones you know you can trust. Whether it’s a DJ, cater, florist, cake artist… if they communicate well with you throughout the planning process, you’re way more likely to enjoy planning and your wedding day. Also if it’s in your budget we highly recommend hiring a planner or day of coordinator. If you get a good one they can completely change the feel of a day and make sure all the details are taken care of, so you can enjoy getting married! 




YOU HAVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER, NOW WHAT? | Start planning! Work together with your photographer to set up a timeline for your wedding day. Talk over details and provide as much information as you can (Most photographers will provide you with a questionnaire to insure all the important details are included). Start a pinterest board and invite your photographer, that way you’re both able to start dreaming and envisioning for your day!

If you’re booking an engagement session make sure you start planning that as well, which brings me to my next point, preparing for your engagement session!




BOOK YOUR DATE | Book Your engagement session 2-6 months in advance. Remember weekends are often very busy for your photographer, so be prepared to do your engagement session on a weekday. Again working out the details and clearly communicating in advance with your photographer will insure the process is smooth and enjoyable.

PICK YOUR LOCATION TOGETHER | Creating a fun and romantic photo shoot requires a bit of planning. Start thinking early about the backdrop you want to tell your story. Communicate clearly your desire, whether it’s a whimsical engagement on the beach, or a fun and adventurous shoot in the city talk to your photographer about their recommended locations. Work together when planning outfits, props, and locations and you’re sure to have a successful and beautiful engagement session!


STYLE & OUTFIT TIPS | When booking your make up artist for your wedding find out if they offer a trial before the big day. If you have the opportunity to do a make up trial with your artist plan it for the same day as your engagement session. Not only are you being efficient with your time and money, you’re also giving yourself an opportunity to test the make up look before the big day. Make up often photographs differently than it appears in person, so having photos of your make up before your wedding allows you the opportunity to adjust the look to your liking before your wedding. It also helps bring together a cohesive and styled look for your Engagement session.

PROPS & SIGNS | Bring props and signs that will make your engagement session unique, and thoughtful. Talk before hand with your photographer about any props you may want to incorporate. While photographers rarely provide the props, they can usually point you in the right direction as to where to find something special to add into your shoot.


I truly hope that all these tips help as you plan for your big day! If you need more detail or advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m here to help in anyway I can!






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